Keftedes (Greek Meatballs)

0:25 prep
0:35 total


prep 0:25       total 0:35


4 servings



2 lbs. lean ground beef or
lamb or
2 eggs
1 md. minced onion
2 tbsp. minced green onion
1 bunch chopped parsley
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 tbsp. Cavendar's Salt Free Greek Seasoning
3 tbsp. dried Greek oregano
Salt and pepper to taste


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and form meatballs about 2 inches in circumference. Dredge in flour and cook in olive oil in a deep pan, turning often or deep fry in a mixture of olive and canola oil. Takes roughly 8-10 minutes to cook through.

Author's Comments

These delicoius meatballs taste fantastic as an appetizer or served over a bed of pasta and simple tomato sauce.

Keftedes also taste wonderful in a warm pita with fresh lettuce, tomato and tzaziki sauce.

Tzaziki Sauce:
Combine 2 cups drained whole milk yogurt with one large, peeled and seeded cucumber. Add 3 small cloved minced garlic and a dash of oregano or mint. Add the juice of one large lemon and serve chilled. Enjoy

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tsanidis reviewed Keftedes (Greek Meatballs) on June 1, 2005

Ok, but would suggest that keftedes really only ought to be made with lamb, egg, breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, mint and cinamon. The oregano and nutmeg are nice touches but unnecesary. This is a simple Greek dish that can be easily over complicated. Also I've noticed some recipes suggest vegetable oil for frying. They should be fried only in a good quality light olive oil (Not extra virgin. The flavour will over power and it is a waste).