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Grilled Trout

2:00 prep
2:00 total


prep 2:00       total 2:00






Wash the fish on the outside and the inside. Dry the fish with paper napkins. Cut some garlic and lemon and fill the inside of the fish. They will cook and leave very nice aromas. Put on the grill which was pre-heated; wait until cooked. I usually verify the cooking degree with a wooden toothpick by piquing the crust and seeing how soft the meat is under the skin.

In the mean time prepare a garlic sauce (mujdei) by crushing garlic in warm watter, a bit of oil salt and pepper. Serve with garlic sauce (mujdei) and polenta. Enjoy.

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Grilled trout, need some grill, I found one which can be easily adapted to a gas cooking device.

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