Escarole con Aglio e Olio -- Escarole wih Garlic and Oil




1 to 2 head fresh escarole
4 to 5 cloves garlic, chopped
1/3 cup olive oil (or more, as desired)


Remove any ties from the escarole and cut off the hard end, about 2 inches, and separate all the leaves. Wash well in cold running water. Dry well in either a salad spinner or between paper towels. Get as much moisture off the escarole as possible.

Heat olive oil in a large pot. Add garlic and brown lightly. Add the escarole all at once. It will appear to be way to much, but it will cook way down. Cover and allow to cook, stirring frequently. Cook in the oil and garlic until it has cooked down and has the resemblance of cooked spinach. Add salt to taste. Serve immediately.

Author's Comments

Escarole is a quick and simple dish that makes an excellent substitute for cooked spinach. The oil and garlic give the escarole a surprisingly good taste. Don’t be fooled by the amount of raw escarole going into the pot. Within a few minutes it will cook way down to a most reasonable level. As a child I would eat escarole anytime my mother cooked it . . . Spinach on the other hand . . . she had a rough time getting me to eat it.

From my cookbook: The "Old Country" Italian Cookbook, by Donald J.P. La Marca

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