Bagless Microwave Popcorn

0:01 prep


prep 0:01      


5 servings



3/4 cup popcorn
1/4 cup canola oil
Butter, to taste
Salt, to taste


In a large mixing bowl, add canola oil and as much butter as you can stand (I like it buttery OK!!!) in the mixing bowl. Add popping corn.

Rest a paper plate on top of bowl (it is fine if it is resting in the bowl on the corn, it will rise up with the popping and keep kernels from going everywhere). NOTE: put the plate right side-up or upside-down depending on how it is resting in/on the bowl. The idea is to avoid dripping oil steam in your microwave if you can, but it is not that big a deal either way.

The tricky bit is how long to nuke it. I set it for about 10 minutes and listen for the popping to slow. If you go too long then you get some burning, especially if you use butter. When I am feeling really fussy I pop with as little oil as possible (it actually takes very little or even none, that’s right NONE) and add butter after. There is no point to have butter-less popcorn, IMHO. Salt to taste.

Caution, as the bowl will get and stay very hot. Use a potholder and tray, or balance the hot bowl on top of your fluffy comforter and soak in the heat while you watch DVDs.

Author's Comments

STOP eating those nasty transfats for substandard popcorn. Do you ever wonder about the strange film on the roof of your mouth after bag-o-popcorn. ME TOO. SO here is my bagless method...

OK folks, not rocket science, measurements depend on the size of your bowl.

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