Foodgeeks Recipes Tagged "lamb"The most recently published recipes tagged "lamb" on FoodgeeksWed, 01 Apr 15 09:48:15 -0700 KebapBy <a href="">skinnywhitegirl</a> and Oregano Lamb kebabsBy <a href="">hlaggan</a><br /><br />Lemon and Oregano Lamb kebabs Lamb Chops With Apricots and SageBy <a href="">morethangourmet</a><br /><br />Beautifully seasoned, fork-tender shoulder lamb chops. Lamb with Thyme and OreganoBy <a href="">barbmyers</a><br /><br />Lamb shoulder is easy to grill and cheaper than a leg of lamb. Curry Lamb with Orange and Jasmine RiceBy <a href="">chefchopper</a><br /><br />A traditional Southern Thai curry, with a bit of sweet citrus. Lamb StewBy <a href="">skinnywhitegirl</a><br /><br />mmm... stew! Australian Lamb Loin Chops with Orange-Mint GremolataBy <a href="">mariabjo</a> Rosemary Grilled Leg of Australian LambBy <a href="">mariabjo</a> Lamb Chops MadridBy <a href="">mariabjo</a>'s PieBy <a href="">kartoshka</a> Lamb Sausage MerguezBy <a href="">olga</a> Kebabs with Orange and Watercress CouscousBy <a href="">wendyakerspr</a> Rosemary Marinated Lamb ChopsBy <a href="">turtle66</a> Souvlakia Lamb Shishkabob In Pita with TsatzikiBy <a href="">olga</a> Lamb and Sausage Cassoulet (low Carb)By <a href="">olga</a> <a href="">mozie</a> of Lamb PotjieBy <a href="">mozie</a> Sweet and Sour Meatballs (Hodu Kabab)By <a href="">olga</a> Marinated Leg of Lamb (Surstek av Lam)By <a href="">olga</a> Greek Pork or Lamb with FetaBy <a href="">jinxycat</a> Foodgeeks