Foodgeeks RecipesThe most recently submitted recipes on FoodgeeksThu, 28 May 15 02:45:37 -0700 Lady Spice Cookies!By <a href="">erika713</a><br /><br />Great name for an excellent spice cookie! Sith burgerBy <a href="">foodjunk</a><br /><br />a stuffed burger so good it would turn Luke skywalker to the dark side... Carrot CasseroleBy <a href="">eleceia</a><br /><br />Sweet carrots baked into a casserole, a great side dish or even a dessert. Carrot CasseroleBy <a href="">eleceia</a><br /><br />This is the best way to eat your carrots, sweet and moist almost dessert-like. Butter Sea Salt BlondiesBy <a href="">writing112</a><br /><br />A simple but delicious treat. Cauliflower and Hazelnut SaladBy <a href="">ryansnyder</a><br /><br />One of my favorite recipes from Ottolenghi & Sherry BisqueBy <a href="">quinney23</a><br /><br />creamy lobster laced in a light sherry cream with a hint of spice PancakesBy <a href="">erika713</a><br /><br />Always Light and Fluffy!'s Cookie PopsBy <a href="">erika713</a><br /><br />Buttery delicious and festive too!'s Peanut Butter Cookies.By <a href="">erika713</a><br /><br />The easiest peanut butter cookie recipe out there. No sifting necessary. Onion and Kale Egg PuffBy <a href="">cooktocure</a><br /><br />This is a nutritious and delicious, wheat and dairy free dish. Wonderful for brunch. MojoBy <a href="">einar</a><br /><br />Here is a recipe that I found by Rick Bayless. It is very good and you can use it on many dishes. PieBy <a href="">bonniekm</a><br /><br />The real recipe is a secret, but this is close. It's a rich chocolate & nut pie popular around Derby time in Louisville. Mulled WineBy <a href="">wally2q</a><br /><br />Tasty hot spiced red-wine, traditionally used as a winter warm-up drink in the Alps. Red CabbageBy <a href="">jpop</a><br /><br />Hate to boast, but people tell me this is better than what they are served at the best German places...and it's really easy! <a href="">jpop</a><br /><br />Yummy and easy! Cheese DipBy <a href="">jpop</a><br /><br />The best beer cheese dip ever! Patch PieBy <a href="">kannie</a><br /><br />Easy for kids to make! Oatmeal Flaxseed MuffinsBy <a href="">cooktocure</a><br /><br />Healthy and Tasty Chocolate CakeBy <a href="">cooktocure</a>'s Easy Scalloped PotatoesBy <a href="">lorizak1</a><br /><br /> A Very creamy and delicious dish! BarbacoaBy <a href="">einar</a><br /><br />A standard Mexican dish that is great over rice or even on a roll. MayonnaiseBy <a href="">ryansnyder</a> SmoothieBy <a href="">ryansnyder</a><br /><br />A berry-almond vegan smoothie designed for the Clean Gut diet. Mint SmoothieBy <a href="">ryansnyder</a><br /><br />A blackberry-mint vegan smoothie designed for the Clean Gut diet.