Foodgeeks RecipesThe most recently submitted recipes on FoodgeeksSun, 19 Nov 17 13:16:43 -0800 Pork and Beef Soup DumplingsBy <a href="">venturists</a><br /><br />A favorite dumpling recipe in Georgian Cuisine similar to Chinese dim sum dumplings pie cookiesBy <a href="">redickbj</a><br /><br />This recipe is my grandmother's. Noodle all’ArrabbiataBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />The mere sight of this cute-looking yummilicious noodle, served on a plate, will make you salivate, and if you eat it, it will make you reinvigorated too. Cucumber and Woodear Mushroom SaladBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Nutritionally boost your day with this chilled cucumber and wood ear mushroom salad, it’s an effective way of getting flavour and nutrients rolled up into one meal. and Orange GranitaBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Served either as a dessert, or perhaps a morning energizer in the summer months, this recipe took inspiration from the great combination that chocolate and orange offers. Mac & “Cheese”By <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Your family will be none the wiser when you offer up this vegetarian “mac and cheese”. BlancaBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />This sweet coconut pudding is a wonderful treat. The recipe gets its roots in the Philippines and is traditionally served on the holidays and special occasions. Salad NicoiseBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />This Nicoise Salad is a beautiful play off its French counterpart. Lemon and Chia Seed MuffinsBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Sometimes it is hard to get the texture just right when you are attempting the art of gluten-free baking. Red Curry LinguiniBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Curry is the quiet, unassuming little spice that doesn’t get talked about enough. It is packaged as a spice, but it has so many super powers that it should have its own healthy comic book. Vegetable LatkesBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a> Thai Spring RollsBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Contrary to what you make think, not all Spring Rolls are deep-fried. They can be served fresh as well, which is a lovely option for an appetizer or light meal this summer. Banana Oatmeal CookiesBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />What makes these vegan cookies even more apeeling is that they require no baking time, limiting the flop factor which can intimidate so many novice bakers. Butter Oatmeal MugcakeBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Five minutes for cake? Yes, please! But, before you bid farewell to your skinny jeans forever, take a moment to appreciate that we have packed this cake with oatmeal (fibre, tick), and peanut butter . ShakshukaBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Shakshuka, the Middle-Eastern delight, where eggs are poached in a tomato-based dish, has been taken to the next level in this recipe by the addition of courgetti . Paper BaconBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Aaaah, facon (or fake bacon). Sicilian PizzaBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Sicilian pizza is known for its spongy and thick crust. This can be hard to achieve when you are avoiding gluten, but this is the right recipe to accomplish that goal. Tomato and Apple GazpachoBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Wildly popular with the vegetarian community, a Gazpacho is a chilled dish that over the years has had so many versions and interpretations making its way into our kitchens. <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />We have the Italians to thank for bringing this humble soup into our kitchens. Tofu and Thai Cucumber RaitaBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />If there’s any dish you should be eating RAITA now, it’s this one. Tofu is a powerhouse for protein and all 9 of our body’s essential amino acids. Deviled Eggs on Sweet Potato NestsBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />hese eggs are tucked securely in their nests and full of lots of things to make your body happy. LinguineBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />This cod linguine packs all the flavour of the ancient dish that inspired it, and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. Coconut Egg CloudsBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />This recipe is not your regular egg dish. These chilli-coconut egg clouds are a little bit of heaven, with a little bit of heat thrown in for your sinful side. Avocado QuesadillaBy <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />A healthy alternative on a Mexican tortilla that is traditionally filled with cheese hence the meaning ‘little cheesy thing’. <a href="">mynutricounter</a><br /><br />Eggs are eggactly what you need – especially when they are in this eggciting little dessert.