Foodgeeks RecipesThe most recently submitted recipes on FoodgeeksSat, 10 Dec 16 16:18:50 -0800 <a href="">foodgeeks</a> <a href="">foodgeeks</a> de atumBy <a href="">perfectcircules</a><br /><br />Pate de atum para barrar em torradas Caffè MochaBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> Iced CoffeeBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> Caffè LatteBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> Short BlackBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> Flat WhiteBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> MacchiatoBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> CappuccinoBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> AmericanoBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> White CoffeeBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> Coffee with MilkBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> PalmerBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> PalmerBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a>'s Plum CakeBy <a href="">skinnywhitegirl</a> Gate bridge rollsBy <a href="">cuisinefiend</a><br /><br />Golden Gate bridge rolls - white sourdough bread rolls, crusty and chewy. fish and chipsBy <a href="">cuisinefiend</a><br /><br />Oven baked fish in panko breadcrumbs with baked string fries - a healthier version of fish and chips. LatteBy <a href="">foodgeeks</a> <a href="">cuisinefiend</a><br /><br />Homemade spiced sauerkraut. Dead Easy. Can be made in small quantities. PotatoesBy <a href="">cuisinefiend</a><br /><br />Hasselbacks - baked potatoes, almost sliced into fries, creamy inside, crispy and scorched on the outside.'s SourdoughBy <a href="">cuisinefiend</a><br /><br />Cheat's sourdough, with yeast but fermenting over 24 hours. buttermilk cakeBy <a href="">cuisinefiend</a><br /><br />Island buttermilk cake: no eggs, no butter, just fresh berries and the magic ingredient. pokē bowlBy <a href="">cuisinefiend</a><br /><br />Hawaiian poke bowl with yellowfin tuna, seasoned with shichimi togarashi. <a href="">foodgeeks</a>