Furikake Chex Mix by Missy

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1 box Rice Chex cereal
1 box Corn Chex cereal
2 sticks butter
1 cup sugar
2 tsp. Shoyu (soy sauce)
2 bottles Furikake
3/4 cup karo syrup
3/4 cup vegetable oil
Additional butter, pretzels and/or peanuts (optional)


Heat butter, karo syrup, shoyu and oil in a pot. Remove from burner and add sugar, stil until sugar dissolves. Pour cereal in 2 large tin foil pans. Pour mixture over cereal, mix well until cereal is lightly coated. Pour furikake over mixture and bake at 250°F for 1 hour. Mix and turn over cereal every 15 minutes.


This is an oriental twist to the Original Chex Party Mix. This receipe is sweeter than the original.


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5 Recipe Reviews

S. Morimoto

S. Morimoto reviewed Furikake Chex Mix
Thanks to whoever contributed to this recipe. We're here on the mainland and when we made it for our ohana out here, they loved it - including our mainland Kumu!

It's a keeper. Only thing I do differently is make 1/2 a batch as its the perfect amount to fit in the 2 - 9.5 x 11 pans I have, and makes enough for us to enjoy until its time to make more. June 27, 2004


5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating pattys1 reviewed Furikake Chex Mix
This recipe is so easy to make and very delicious. Its a good seller for any Concession for any Sports Tournaments. January 27, 2008


5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating teamhawaii reviewed Furikake Chex Mix
This is a very simple recipe to follow. The hardest part is waiting every 15 minutes to mix the recipe to ensure that it gets an even coating and baking time. Great recipe for fundraising. Everyone loved it so much we are making it again. March 29, 2008


5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating janetmanzo reviewed Furikake Chex Mix
Oh! This is good! Instead of vegetable oil I used coconut oil and added rice crackers and honey roasted peanuts. This is THE BOMB! Thank you for this recipe!
Jan in Kona HI April 12, 2009


5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating e3charm reviewed Furikake Chex Mix
April 21, 2009