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Easy Chicken Gravy

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3 tbsp. butter
4 tbsp. flour
2 cups chicken broth
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper


Melt the butter, then add the flour and blend thoroughly. Slowly add the broth, salt and pepper and blend until mixture thickens. Serve.

Author's Comments

This is so easy! From a chicken pot pie recipe that I really like. This is ready in under 10 minutes and doesn't use pan drippings.

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18 Recipe Reviews


conhartke reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on February 13, 2006

What a lifesaver! I used whole wheat flour and it was delicious, quick and easy. Next time I'll use less salt.


vf1764 reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on May 8, 2006

I was quite uncertain about this recipe as I had used a simliar with horrible results. But, having 2 cups left of chicken broth with no other use for it, I decided to try this one. Great recipe! The gravy was flavorful and was delicious on mashed potatoes. However, is there anyway I can make it a bit thicker?


momcat reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on September 5, 2006

This came out MUCH better than expected. Re: thickening, I let it simmer for 5 minutes on medium heat once it all came together. Husband unit loved it. I added herbs de provence and a smidge of sage, left out the salt. Wow! Great accompaniment to grilled chicken with rice.


frankman reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on February 26, 2007

I found this gravy to be quick and delicious. Served over leftover mashed potatoes it drew rave reviews from three, sometimes picky boys.


windozer reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on November 23, 2007

This recipe rocks!! I just made mashed potatoes at home and was looking for a gravy recipe... this is the first time i cooked gravy and wow, I am going to make this my staple food.


emmy12 reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on April 3, 2008

easiest gravy in the world, and actually really
good, never had success with gravy before, this was so good and easy.


gfb100442 reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on August 26, 2008

5 minutes- True
Delicious- True
Super easy- True


jeano reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on September 23, 2008

I have made LOTS of gravy in my time and this is by far the easiest, tastiest, no-lump gravy ever! It's excellent and simple to make. You can use pan drippings (or crockpot meat juice) and chicken fat if you'd like. It works very well.


rainbowcarrie reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on January 3, 2009

Wow! This was so extremely easy and very delicious! And I like easy recipes since I am no gourmet chef. I roasted a chicken yesterday and used the leftover shredded chicken mixed into the gravy. I then served over rice (made easily in my rice cooker). I made the chicken broth with bullion cubes + water.

I am definetly going to use this over and over again. Great taste and super easy.


ladycavalier97 reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on January 9, 2009

This was very easy to make. I replaced the chicken broth for Vegetable broth and added maybe a quarter tsp of paprika. didn't really measure it so I'm guessing. then a spooned it over chicken and stuffing.


mepeachykeen reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on June 11, 2010

This is my easy go-to gravy recipe. It's always flavorful and so quick & easy.


ryansnyder reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on October 11, 2014

Quick, easy, and tastes how you want it to taste! :) I prefer making gravy using pan drippings, but in a pinch this all you need.


lisaxo reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on December 25, 2014

i love this recipe its so simple yet so amazing.very quick to make. I made this recipe for my in-laws last Christmas and they absolutely loved it. So everytime they want to make gravy they call me to make it.


carlastarr reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on February 21, 2015

This is the easiest gravy to make! I was tired of making brown gravy from the package and viola I found this AWESOME recipe! Thanks for the help it was a big hit in our house! Will definitely make this again!


bzbzmom reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on April 19, 2015

Easy and my family liked it.


chase0406 reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on May 2, 2015

I love this recipe.


venie reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on May 18, 2015

Can you freeze it?


nursebrooke2415 reviewed Easy Chicken Gravy on 2 weeks ago

Tasted great and was very easy to make, I did add a little sage to the recipe for extra flavor.

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