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Chocolate Pudding for Fifty





2-1/4 gal. milk
2-1/4 lb. sugar
1 dash salt
13-1/2 oz. cornstarch
13-1/2 oz. cocoa powder
1 lb. eggs
13 oz. eggs
9 oz. butter
1 vanilla bean, split or
1 tbsp. vanilla extract


Combine milk, sugar, and salt. Bring to a boil. Add vanilla bean to hot milk and allow to steep 15 minutes off heat. (Or stir in vanilla extract.) Sift sugar, cornstarch, and cocoa together. Mix in eggs. Remove bean, if used, from milk mixture. Add some of the hot milk mixture to the egg mixture and combine well. Then pour the egg mixture into the remaining milk mixture and combine. Bring to a second boil. Remove from heat and stir in butter. Pour into mold and chill.

Author's Comments

The submitted recipe said 1 pound, 13 oz. eggs. I'm pretty sure that's 1 pound and 13 ounces of eggs not 1 pound of 13 ounce eggs. But since I've never seen eggs listed by weight, I'm not totally sure.

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